Get Involved

Thank You For Checking Out the Different Ways to Get Involved At Camp Aldersgate


A great way to get involved is to organize a volunteer work crew from your church or business. The biggest need for the coming year is firewood cutting, trail/ campfire spot clearing, and carpentry projects. Camp can accommodate work crews of up to 10 people, ages 12+. Call to discuss projects and dates!

There are also lots of great ways as an individual to volunteer:

Grass Ninja

GRASS NINJA: That’s right....when the time of year is right, we could really use someone to mow and “weed-whack”.  This adult volunteer will use our equipment.  It typically takes 6 to 8 hours to complete these tasks.  Every time a volunteer does this for us, we can keep working on worship service planning, marketing, staff/camper recruitment, staff training, etc...this is a HUGE HELP!

Garden Club

GREEN THUMBER:  We need a volunteer who would be willing to plant and maintain the flower beds around Aldersgate.


HOUSEKEEPING:  We can always use help cleaning.  Camp is used for ministry most weekends of the year.  After each group leaves camp, all the buildings need cleaned and disinfected.  If you would be interested in helping once a week, once a month, or even once a year for a big cleaning day.....let us know. 

Musicians & Bands

MUSICIANS/BAND:    We would love to develop a list of individuals and bands that we could call upon to lead worship at camp.  Individual musicians would need to be able to play guitar or keyboard.  We will have certain songs we request and need, but the musician(s) will be able to fill in the playlist with cover songs and/or music they have written. 

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