Traveling to Camp Aldersgate is very easy…..if you are aware of two things!

1) When you are following your GPS, or printing directions to get here, if your route takes you on Dewdrop Road, we recommend finding another route. Road is a bold term for Dewdrop, it is rather more of a path through the woods. No matter which direction you are coming from, we recommend coming in on Rt 332 (Scio Rd) to Autumn Rd to Dyewood Rd.

2) When you do arrive at Aldersgate’s main entrance, do not be alarmed when you find you must first travel through FFA Camp Muskingum. Just follow the signs to get to Camp Aldersgate on the back side of their property. We love our neighbors!

Camp Address: 3276 Dyewood Rd Sw. Carrollton, OH 44615

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